5 gennaio 2011

Stop motion

The stop-motion technique remembers me when I was a child and I created adventures playing with dolls, that's why I believe it's a type of animation closer to us than we imagine. 

 It's a spectacular ..
"I love to  bring the most ordinary objects to life in an extraordinary way."
 Bo Henry, Art director of  Coraline

.. handmade ..
"Stop-motion has a certain "grittiness" and is filled with imperfections. And yet there is an undeniable truth, that what you see really exists."
 Henry Selick, Director of  James and the Giant Peach

.. challenge!
"The first rule of animation is: Eyes for Expression. But a lot of the characters either don’t have any eyes, or their eyes are sewn shut."
 Tim Burton, Producer of  The Nightmare before Christmas